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UVAIR 300F is a 24 hour three-stage system using filtration and UV light to remove 99.99% of Covid-19 from the air in large spaces at 1,200 cubic metres per hour.

UVAIR 216 is an air filtration and UV light system for medium spaces that purifies up to 800 cubic metres per hour, killing 99.99% of Covid-19 and other germs.

UVAIR 108 is an air filtration and UV light system for small spaces. It kills 99.9% of Covid-19 and other germs and cleans up to 380 cubic metres per hour.

At BioAirtec we provide the most effective air purification and sterilisation systems using powerful quality Philips UVC lamps that do not create ozone. 

Here is a snapshot of how our equipment works to remove dangerous Viruses, Bacteria and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the air in homes, offices, schools, clinics, hospitals and anywhere that you wish to make safe for people to live and work.  

Air filtration and powerful Philips UVC light systems that filter the air and kill pathogens like Covid-19 in a single air pass through the filter. 


Air filtration and sanitising systems that work in three stages: there is a MERV (8) pleated synthetic filter that removes all contaminants down to 3 microns. This pre-filter stage gets rid of dust mites, lint, pet dander, mould spores, larger bacteria, and pollen.

Bacteria and viruses like Covid-19 which make it through the filtering stage are treated with UV C (ultraviolet) light. The UV-C light kills viruses and bacteria. Specifically, it destroys the outer protein coat of the Covid virus which leads to inactivation of the virus. (US FDA)

Following the UV-C chamber, the air passing through the system goes through a filter of activated carbon which also removes odours.

Our UVAIR line of products, the 300F, 216 and 108 all feature high capacity air filtration, activated carbon filters, and a UV light that kills pathogens. Each of these systems is 99.99% efficient in removing Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria from the air that you breathe. The only difference is in the size of the space that needs to be protected.

UVAIR 300F: large to very large spaces, up to 1,200 cubic metres per hour

UVAIR 216: medium to large spaces, up to 800 cubic metres per hour

UVAIR 108: smaller to medium spaces, up to 500 cubic metres per hour


Our Airdog product line features the Airdog X8, X5, and X3. All three of these systems provide exceptional air purification while they kill and remove viruses, bacteria, and other infectious agents as well as allergens, smoke, and mould. The X3 is for a small bedroom (215 sq. ft.) while the X5 is for a master bedroom (400 sq. ft.) and the X8 is for your living room (1000 sq. ft.).

The Airdog system works in five stages to remove hair, animal dander and larger particles in the pre-filter stage. Then, it charges particles with a wire frame before the air passes to an ionic field where bacteria and viruses are destroyed. Air then passes a collecting plate where destroyed germs are deposited.  And, finally the purified air passes through a catalyst filter that removes noxious odours.

Our Airdog products are a waste-free solution of air purification. They destroy and get rid of air particles down to 0.0146 microns in size without the need for replacing filters.

Leading The Global Fight Against
Airborne & Droplet Viruses

Childcare Centres

Dental Clinics


99% Kill Rate Against Coronavirus

Respiratory viruses are no match for our sterilisation chamber. Our patented, core technology has been scientifically tested against Coronavirus, Influenza Virus, Adenovirus, and Poliovirus. The results show a 99.99999% kill rate in a single air pass.

Our Air Purifiers & Sterilisers Are Not Limited to Viruses

Scientific test results shown that UVC is the world’s most efficient technology against all air pollutants.


Nitrogen Dioxide



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BioAirTec distribute world leading air purification technology.  Just ask us about your setting and we can provide research backed recommendations to sterilise and purify the airborne particles – before they reach the surfaces!

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