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About Your Air

Our passion for air

We believe that everybody has the right to breathe clean air, especially in the places we go to heal in. Infection prevention and control has been very focused on hand and surface sterilisation but when you ask patients, visitors and staff what they are most concerned about with cross contamination – they will tell you that it is the air they breathe. Our mission stems from our passion which is to provide the worlds most efficient and cost effective solution to airborne pathogens and indoor air pollution. We share clean air …….. do you?

Population affected by air pollution
Average Time Spent Indoors
Air pollution as a cause of all disease
Our Expertise

Understanding air and oxygen, the importance of it,how it flows, what pollutes it and how to clean it.

Our Innovation

Four things are important in all of our innovations: technology, quality, style and affordability.

Our Mission

To distribute our world leading air purification and sterilisation technology around the globe – protecting human health.


Cutting Edge Technologies & Style

When you look at your products and smile with pride, you are doing it right.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

General Manager

Bio Air Tech
Gerard Quazzola

Is this your whole sale, retail or reseller opportunity?

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