Air Purification for Schools and Universities

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that environmental problems within institutions of learning including air quality issues can cause a wide range of health issues including allergies and asthma. These issues have been shown to cause health problems and poor school performance. And, improving these problems leads to enhanced academic performance, staff and teacher retention, and productivity of staff of learning institutions from grade school up through university. At Bio Airtec we are part of the solution to this problem. Our UVAIR and Airdog systems purify and sanitise air to provide students in all age groups and educational settings the best environment in which to learn and succeed.

Clean Air in Schools and Universities Is Important

Multiple studies have demonstrated that classrooms are breeding grounds for infection diseases. School teachers are twice as prone to respiratory infections as other professionals who do not work with classrooms full of students. Even in a classroom without any air quality issues, an air purification and sanitisation system reduces the incidence of respiratory infections and absenteeism by both teachers and students.

When we add problems that cause air quality issues such as moisture and mould build up, lead pain in old buildings, or asbestos from outdated construction practices, the likelihood of illness, absenteeism, and poor school performance goes up. A study done by Harvard University noted that absence from the classroom of experienced teachers of ten or more days a year and replacement by inexperienced teachers lead to a measurable decrease in the quality of learning.

You can avoid these sorts of problems at your school by evaluating the situation and installing either an Airdog or UVAIR system to sanitise and purify the air in classrooms and offices. These systems get rid of pollen, dust, dander, bacteria, viruses, mould spores, and dust containing harmful chemicals. These systems also remove noxious chemicals like nitrogen dioxide. The system that you need will depend on the sizes of areas needing to be sanitised and purified.


Our Airdog product line features the Airdog X8, X5, and X3. All three of these systems provide exceptional air purification while they kill and remove viruses, bacteria, and other infectious agents as well as allergens, smoke, and mould. This system was originally designed for home use but works perfectly well for settings like dental surgeries.

  • X3: 20 square metres
  • X5: 37 square metres
  • X8: 93 square metres

More information regarding our Airdog systems


Our UVAIR line of products, the 300F, 216 and 108 all feature high capacity air filtration, activated carbon filters, and a UV light that kills pathogens. Each of these systems is 99.99% efficient in removing Covid-19 and other germs from the air that you breathe. The only difference is in the space that needs to be protected.

  • UVAIR 300F: large spaces, 1,200 cubic metres per hour
  • UVAIR 218: medium spaces, 800 cubic metres per hour
  • UVAIR 108: smaller spaces, 380 cubic metres per hour

More information regarding our UVAIR systems

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