Real-time Protection During Outbreaks

Outbreaks of infection cost millions of lives globally every year, put strain on healthcare facilities and have significant social and economic costs.
Control measures such as isolation and vaccines may be ineffective against rapidly spreading infection. Radic8 can help reduce the chance of infectious outbreak, and control its spread, by providing real-time protection from airborne contamination


Radic8 helps control the spread of highly infectious disease

During an emergency, there is not always time to take the correct precautions, and it is very difficult to ensure that surfaces are cleaned to the usual standards. Rapid identification and isolation of patients suspected of having an airborne disease is not always possible; mistakes may be made and an outbreak occur.

Airborne diseases can spread rapidly via droplets – a single sneeze can release thousands of virus molecules, the smallest of which may remain suspended in the air for hours, and become a source of infection for people and surfaces. In areas of high traffic, such as the emergency department, or poorly ventilated spaces, such as emergency vehicles, the chance of cross-contamination is increased.

We have specially adapted units to create negative pressure, which has been shown to lower conversion rates significantly for tuberculosis. Air removed from an isolation ward is sterilised before discharge into an adjacent room, or the outside air, reducing the chances of further infection. Our Inline units are designed to fit into existing ductwork, where they sterilise air in ventilation systems and improve overall air quality in healthcare facilities.

Radic8 have developed a range of technology to assist in emergency situations by neutralising viruses and bacteria before they land on people or surfaces. Our patented Viruskiller reactor cell within each unit is highly tested and found to be 99.9999% effective at virus and bacteria destruction.

Outside of permanent healthcare facilities, there is rarely an option to install air ventilation or cleaning systems. Radic8 standalone units are compact and transportable, and simply plug and play. They can be used as a solution for field hospitals, and assist in the first response to infectious outbreaks, disaster relief and military operations. The compact but powerful VK Blue unit can be adapted for emergency vehicles, protecting patients in their most vulnerable moments

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The Radic8 Viruskiller range covers all emergency department settings, from single room plug and play applications, to whole hospital ventilation systems.
The devices work seamlessly alongside existing clean-room, sterilisation and surface cleaning protocol to assist in the prevention and control of infectious outbreaks.

Radic8 also have a specialised line of unique and portable positive and negative pressure units to cover all surgical and quarantine environments.


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Radic8 are actively seeking the right sales and distribution partners around the world. If you feel that you would be a good distributor or sales channel for Radic8 in any of our market sectors then we would like to hear from you, please get in touch.


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Radic8 partnered with INBair in 2016 because they have the best air purification and sterilisation technology in the industry. Our product line up is the best that money can buy and we try to keep our prices as affordable as possible so all people can enjoy clean air.


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if you are familiar with the global air purification industry, you will be familiar with the false claims that many companies make about their products. We give you the facts, and that is why our technology is the most widely used in the world’s leading air purification country.



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