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Radic8 helps control the air in your salon

A single sneeze can release thousands of virus particles into the air that remain suspended for hours, landing on surfaces and infecting people when breathed in. The treatments, chemicals, sprays and solutions used in salons across the world can be harmful for staff and customers.  Radic8 provides real-time protection from airborne contamination, neutralising viruses and bacteria before they land on people or surfaces.

Aside from reducing cross-contamination, Radic8 removes all other air pollutants that can be equally harmful to staff and clients. Toxic gases and particulate matter from industrial processes and road traffic are now known to damage health and increase recovery times. Allergens and mould can trigger asthma, and cleaning chemicals can be carcinogenic. By installing Radic8 technology and advertising ‘We Share Clean Air’, you can provide a safe and relaxing environment for clients and staff.

The Viruskiller range has been designed to meet even the most demanding specifications and can adapt to each salon’s individual requirements. The sterilisation technology can be added to existing ductwork, used to create positive and negative pressure, or used as stand-alone air purification and sterilisation units.

We Share Clean Air

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Benefits of Clean Air

Earn Money Sharing Clean Air in your Salon

Your Opportunity?

Radic8 are seeking the right partners around Australia. If you feel that you would be a suitable location to display a Radic8 product and brochures, for your clients to redeem a discount code and you get a share of each sale, please get in touch.


The Best At What We Do

Radic8 partnered with INBair in 2016 because they have the best air purification and sterilisation technology in the industry. Our product line up is the best that money can buy and we try to keep our prices as affordable as possible so all people can enjoy clean air.


Just Ask Us

if you are familiar with the global air purification industry, you will be familiar with the untrue claims that many companies make about their products. We tell you what we can prove and that is why our technology is the most widely used in the world’s leading air purification country.

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