The INBair O2

The INBair O2: Brain-Boosting Oxygen Concentrator

The INBair O2: Brain-Boosting Oxygen Concentrator 696 480 Radic 8

The INBair O2 from Radic8 is the world’s most portable, lightweight and stylish oxygen concentrator. By using it you can breathe in air with 40% oxygen to give you the boost you need. Designed to be used as you’re sitting at your computer, on the phone or sitting quietly, you simply place the head piece around your neck and the INBair O2 will blow purified air with 40% oxygen for you to breathe in.

We know that 90% of our energy comes from oxygen so it’s helpful to give ourselves a boost of oxygen to make our day more productive. If you work in a city office, you might have noticed that most people’s energy levels drop noticeably in the afternoon. What is actually happening is our bodies are fighting for oxygen.

Most people take to drinking a cup of coffee or tea or eating something sweet but instead, you could use the INBair O2 for 30 minutes and give your brain a boost to increase your productivity.

What are the ideal levels of oxygen?

The ideal level of oxygen for humans is 21% and this is found in forests. Oxygen levels in office buildings in cities have been found to drop to 17% oxygen late in the day. If you use the INBair O2, you can breathe in 40% oxygen to get you through the day far more productively.

There are no harmful side effects of breathing in the level of oxygen from the INBair O2. For a healthy individual, the low concentrations produced by INBair O2 pose no health impacts whatsoever. The American Lung Association has already stated that breathing oxygen from an oxygen bar (which can be 90% or more) for less than 30 minutes has no harmful effects.
At the same time, it is important to note that the INBair O2 is not a medical oxygen concentrator and should not be purchased by anyone needing oxygen for medical conditions. If you have any prior health conditions, it’s important to check with your doctor before using the INBair O2.

But for an everyday boost to make you feel more alert and focused, the INBair O2 is the ideal device.

The INBair O2 is portable.How does the INBair O2 differ from other oxygen boosters?
The INBair02 differs from other oxygen boosters such as oxygen canisters which can deliver up to 90% oxygen, because it gives you a sustained 30 minutes of 40% slow-release oxygenation which is a far more relaxing and comfortable way to take in your extra oxygen.

People using the INBair O2 have found it allows them to: increase their fitness; reduces tiredness and fatigue; increases their alertness; and increases their cognitive response and brain function.

The device has been found to help office workers reduce feelings of drowsiness in the middle of the day and boosts their productivity. We breathe literally a truckload of air every day (around 23,040 breaths), creating 1.4 kilos of carbon dioxide.

The great thing about the INBair O2 is that it not only gives you oxygen, it processes the air around you, purifies it and then delivers it to you through an inhaler which resembles a headset. This way you can use the INBair O2 inconspicuously when you’re at your workplace or it’s very easy for anyone to use at home.

Air pollution is set to become a major health concern

As concerns over air pollution grow, the size of the residential air purifier market worldwide is expected to boom and reach at least 21 million units by 2021 (Statista, 2018).

For more information on how oxygen helps your brain, take a look at this study which provides evidence that oxygen can help the brain perform better during demanding cognitive tasks:
Scholey, A., Moss, M., Neave, N. and Wesnes, K. (1999). Cognitive Performance, Hyperoxia, and Heart Rate Following Oxygen Administration in Healthy Young Adults. Physiology & Behavior, [online] 67(5), pp.783-789. Available here.

And this study explains how certain weather can cause a drop in oxygen levels in built-up areas and lead to lethargy and fatigue:
Ginzburg, A.S., Vinogradova, A.A., Fedorova, E.I. et al. Izv. Atmos. Ocean. Phys. (2014) 50: 782. See here.

The INBair O2 is lightweight, portable and durable at only 2.54 kilos. Its dimensions are: 280mm x 175mm x 60mm and its price is $1,250 including freight in Australia.



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