INBAIR02 | Oxygen Purifier

INBair O2 is the world’s most portable, lightweight and stylish oxygen purifier.

Increased oxygen gives you the boost you need to tackle a busy life.

Important: The INBair O2 is not a medical oxygen concentrator and should not be purchased by anyone needing oxygen for medical conditions.

  • Increase your oxygen intake to 40% and make your day more proactive.
  • 90% of our energy comes from Oxygen, why not give your body a boost.
  • Going to the gym, long day at work ahead, busy morning with the kids, feel refreshed with
  • INBair02 to give you a kickstart.
  • INBair02 Differs from 90% Oxygen Canisters because INBair02 gives you a sustained
  • 30 mins of 40% slow release oxygenation.
  • Amazing for fitness & rehabilitation, reduces tiredness & fatigue, alertness, increased cognitive response and brain function.
  • Lightweight, portable and durable.
  • Weight 2.54kg
  • Size 280mm x 175mm x 60mm

Give Your Brain a Boost with Oxygen

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INBair O2

Give Your Brain a Boost with Oxygen

Work harder and smarter with the help of 40% oxygen! It’s your personal, portable, oxygen friend.

The INBair O2 is a real advancement in the oxygen concentrator market sector with huge improvements in style, quality and affordability. Designed for the health sector and not the medical sector, INBair O2 gives a constant supply of 30% oxygen for 30 minute periods. The accompanying headset is easy to use with nothing touching your nose and mouth, allowing you to oxygenate at any time of day.

INBair O2 is portable and has the option to be battery powered so it can be taken anywhere with you, the office, the gym, traveling, home or even to the coffee shop. Just 30 minutes per day is all that is needed to feel the huge range of benefits of oxygenating and if you are not going to be precious about your INBair O2 it can benefit your family and friends also. Our machine finished aluminium is so far away from every other O2 generator and even though we have improved the look and build quality, we have slashed the price down to approximately 1/4 of what others cost.



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