The Viruskiller VK Blue

Viruskiller VK Blue – unparalleled air purification and sterilisation

Viruskiller VK Blue – unparalleled air purification and sterilisation 400 301 Radic 8

If you want to clean your air of traffic pollutants, toxic gases, VOC’s, viruses, bacteria, mould spores, dust, pollen, allergens and dander, then the The Viruskiller VK Blue from Radic8 is the perfect air purifier and steriliser for you.

To achieve this the Viruskiller VK Blue combines a pre-filter, hepa filter and activated carbon with a reactor cell of 8 super UVC lamps and 40 titanium dioxide (Tio2) hexagon filters – all of which enables the Viruskiller VK Blue to purify and sterilise your air, making it the ultimate solution for spaces up to 60 square metres.

Most air purifiers simply catch particles of dust, pollen and dander but they’re not equipped to tackle the smaller air pollutants such as VOCs, viruses, bacteria and mould spores. Even worse, with a conventional air purifier, sometimes the particles they’ve filtered work their way out and are released into your environment again.

With the Viruskiller VK Blue, this can’t happen because all air-borne pollutants are killed in the unit’s Photo-Catalytic reactor chamber which contains the UVC lamps and titanium dioxide tubes. The UV light activates the titanium dioxide which produces hydroxyl radicals. These in turn react with airborne pathogens as they pass through the chamber and destroy them. An added bonus is the fact no ozone is created within the VK Blue technology.

For all home and work environments

The Viruskiller VK Blue is surface stood or wall mounted, uses very little energy, operates quietly and is extremely efficient in giving you clean air in your home or work environment. The Viruskiller VK Blue is 99.9999% effective on all respiratory viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi and gives the highest reduction rates on VOC’s, chemicals and gases – for example, it’s 98.5% effective on NO2.

How does the Viruskiller VK Blue get such good results?

The principle of Radic8’s technology for the Viruskiller VK Blue is UVC light and Albert Einstein’s Photon Energy.

The efficiency of the UVC light in the unit’s reactor chamber is increased several times by utilising Fresnel’s equations for reflection and transmission. The inside of the reactor chamber has a chrome mirror coating.

Optimum numbers of UVC lights are placed in the reactor chamber and they’re surrounded with layers of nano filter tubes. The nano filter tubes are coated with photo catalytic titanium dioxide (Ti02) which reacts with the UVC light in order to create the strongest oxidant known to man – hydroxyl radicals (-OH).

The nano filter tubes are filled with activated carbon in order to catch harmful gas and odour, creating time for the –OH radicals to decompose them. The effectiveness of the activated carbon within the nano filter tubes is due to the Langmuir adsorption model: General activated carbon cannot absorb at a stable equilibrium but the activated carbon within the nano filter tubes interacts with the UVC light, creating absorbing and desorption which allows the photo catalyst plates to decompose impurities.

The fan – one of the most important parts

Pulling the air through an air purifier in order to clean it is one of the most important functions and unfortunately it’s one that far too many companies get wrong. The claimed coverage of air purifiers is directly linked to the capability of the fan and it does not matter how good the purification technology is, if you’re not pulling the air through in the first place, the purification won’t be up to standard.

Quality fans are costly so this is an area where some companies cut corners. But no expense has been spared with the fans used the Radic8 VK Blue. The turbo fan in the Viruskiller VK Blue Medi range is the most powerful fan in any air purification technology in the world.

Usually, the problem with very powerful fans is they are noisy! But for VK Blue, Radic8 has integrated noise cancelling silencers so the sound level, even at full fan power, is very low.

Can we prove it?

Yes we can. We have test results from various international testing facilities and research centres.

As you can see, the results speak for themselves. This is why the Viruskiller VK Blue is unparalleled in air purification technology. Plus the fact that no ozone is created by the unit’s technology is beneficial to the environment.

Another great bonus is the Viruskiller VK Blue product lines are GEN (Global Eco-labelling Network) certified as an ECO product line.

In summary

99.99% virus destruction

The Viruskiller VK Blue can inactivate all kinds of viruses via destroying the nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) of a virus with Ultraviolet Rays (UVC) and Hydroxyl Radicals (-OH).

Test conducted by The Virus Testing Institute, designated by the National Environmental Research Centre (Test Report No. 3)

The test results proved that the Viruskiller VK Blue inactivates influenza viruses, coronavirus, poliovirus and adenovirus.

99.99% sterilisation of not only respiratory viruses but also of fungus

With the strong sterilisation of the reactor module, Viruskiller VK Blue can sterilise not only the respiratory viruses but it can also remove fungus which is normally very difficult to be removed.

Test conducted by The Testing Institute

The test results proved that the Viruskiller VK Blue sterilises pneumonia virus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, tubercle bacillus, colon bacillus, Staphylococcus pyogenes and Aspergillus niger.

99.90% fine dust removal capacity

The removal rate for removing fine dusts which cause pulmonary disease has shown to be 99% effective and the Viruskiller VK Blue’s capacity to remove fine dusts satisfies the requirement of the KS Standard (KS-C-9314) for Air Purifiers.

Test conducted by KOLAS, Internationally Certified Testing Institute (Test Report No. KT-359)

The test results showed the fine dust removal rate of 99% with fine dust removal capacity of 33.4g. Test results vary depending on the mechanical filters installed.

Up to 99% of Odour and toxic gas removal capacity

By using Hydroxyl Radicals (-OH) and the Deodorisation Filter, it has been proved that the Viruskiller VK Blue can remove foul odour and toxic gas with the removal rate achieved for S02: 99% and N02: 98% respectively.

Test conducted by the International Institute of Construction Materials.

Surround air circulation and powerful air blowing capacity

Being in a surround air circulation system, it realises effective sterilisation/purification achieved in a short time. By using an outer Rolor Type-Double Suction Blower, large amounts of air can be processed and blown.

No ozone is created within the Viruskiller VK Blue technology.

Test conducted by International Aerospace University.

The test results showed the result of a Fluid Mechanics Test with Viruskiller VK Blue achieving a superior performance of air circulation when compared to others in its class.





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