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  • Eliminate harmful VOC’s, viruses and bacteria, mould and fungi, fine dust particles and allergens.
  • Destroy smoke, diesel fumes and 81% of nitrogen dioxide.
  • Hextio is compact, stylish, cost effective and fully automatic.
  • Visual air quality indicator.
  • Sleep mode for peaceful sleeping.
  • Directional hood gives you clean air where you work or play.
  • Wall mounted or free standing.
  • Ideal for one room use – up to 20 m2

Eliminate harmful VOC’s, viruses and bacteria, mould and fungi, dust mites and allergens

The Radic8 Hextio is an advanced air steriliser and air purifier which destroys a wide range of pollutants and odours including chemicals and fumes, odours, smoke particles, traffic pollution (including 81% of nitrogen dioxide), mould spores, pet dander, dust and dust mite, pollen, viruses and bacteria. It destroys pollutants that HEPA filtration cannot catch.

Hextio was a Smogathon 2017 finalist and the only air purifier technology and only team from the UK to get through to the final, verifying its benefits for reducing pollutants in indoor air.

Reactor chamber enhances pollution destruction

To ensure maximum Photo-Catalysis for optimum levels of pollution destruction, the reactor chamber consists of 1UVC (ultra violet C) lamp, 9 chrome coated TiO2 (titanium dioxide) hexagon filters and a chrome coated housing. The mirrored reactor chamber increases the UV efficiency by 10 times and the sterilization rate in the chamber is very high. The reator cell lasts for up to 8000hrs (average 3yrs). The filter change indicator for the Reactor Cell ensures the unit is working to its full potential at all times.

Hextio is compact, stylish, cost effective, fully automatic & super efficient

We are hearing more and more about the need for air purifiers in our home to tackle the rise in indoor pollutants and this little model is an air steriliser plus purifier and is unobtrusive as well as stylish. This super efficient technology is both fully automatic and cost effective so it can be left on all the time to deal with any pollutants or allergens which come into your air space. The activated carbon filter in the unit interacts with the UV (do not look directly at this light) and PCO (photo catalytic oxidation) greatly increasing efficiency and longevity and the sirocco fan was chosen for its better quality, higher efficiency and lower noise output and has a higher air output.

Visual air quality indicator

The Radic8 Hextio is fully automatic and incorporated in the technology are dust, germ and VOC sensors that constantly sample the air and react accordingly by glowing red and switching to full fan speed until the contaminant has been dealt with. Just plug it in and let the Hextio do the rest.

Sleep mode for peaceful sleeping

When switched to sleep mode the unit runs at 10% power reducing fan noise for a comfortable night’s sleep. The LED lights switch off eliminating any light coming from the unit.

Directional Hood

The Hextio comes with both the original fragrance filter hood and the NEW Directional Hood. The Directional Hood enables you to point the air flow towards you so that you can breathe clean air both at home or on your desk at work. The new hood clips on so that you can use the Hextio either upright or lying down.

Wall mounted or free standing

The Hextio is compact enough to be hung on the wall or placed on a level surface, both giving you the ultimate in clean fresh air.

This is a very efficient all round air steriliser / air purifier that is best suited to destroying VOCs, germs, mould and fungi, bacteria and viruses and fine dust particles. For particle removal only we recommend an air purifier with an effective HEPA filter.

Ideal for one room use – up to 20 m2

Hextio is ideal for one room use, though it is small and light so easy to move from one room to another. It is suitable for kitchen use but should be turned off while actually cooking as the oils created during cooking can damage the reactor cell. We recommend leaving the machine off while cooking and switching it back on 10 minutes after cooking is finished.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 4.4 × 19.5 × 16 cm

Replacement Reactor Module (1x Set), Replacement CARBON Filter (2x Set), Fragrance Filter, Replacement Lavender Pouch (1x Set)


Multi Select Filtration Carbon Monoxide, Chemicals and Fumes, Dust & Dust Mite, Mould Spores, Nitrogen Dioxide, Odours, Pet Dander, Pollen, Smoke Particles, Viruses & Bacteria, VOCs
Room Size (m²) 20
Air Flow Range (m3/hr) 66
Air Purifier Technology Carbon, Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology, Titanium Dioxide, UV Lamp
Independent Ioniser N/A
UV Bulb UV-C sterilising lamp
Ozone Output None
Noise Levels 40dB Low, 49dB High
Power Consumption 15W
CADR Combined Not tested
Filtration Size n/a
Filter Replacement Indicator No
Filter Longevity (mths) >3 to 6
Colour White
Speed Settings 3
Auto Mode Yes
Night Mode Yes
Remote Control Yes
Digital Display No
Timer No
Casing Material Plastic
Positioning Counter Top, Wall Mounted
Air Inlet Position Bottom, Front and Sides
Air Outlet Position Top
Product Weight (Unboxed) 1.1kg
Other Features Dust, Germ and VOC sensors, Spare carbon filter included, Filter replacement Indicator for Reactor Cell 8,000hrs
Brand Radic8
Dimensions (mm) HxWxD 330 x 128 x 108
Price £240.00


Click here to download the Radic8 Hextio User Manual


Test Results

The Hextio Test Results by the Korea Conformity Laboratories

General Filtration Info

Simplified information on how to choose your air purifier

Here at Radic8® we understand that it can be a minefield choosing which air purifier suits you best. From allergies and sensitivites to budgets and varying local air conditions there are an infinite combination of issues to deal with.

The world of air purifiers offers all forms and variations on technologies to tackle air quality in the home.  There are a wide range of filters available including True HEPA, HEPA-type, Ionisers and Photocatalytic filters to name but a few. There are also a wide variety of filters that are offered on individual machines. It can certainly be quite confusing.

At Radic8® we provide all of the technical information on the different technologies. We have also provided this information in a condensed and simplified format.

Please find below the simplified information to help you make a more informed choice.

Please note that for more detailed information on the various types of filters, we would recommend that you read the more detailed information provided for a greater understanding.

Particle Size

When considering your air purifier you will need to consider the different particles that you would like to filter out.

 Image Particle size (microns)
 Hair  Human Hair  70 – 100
 Sneeze  Human Sneeze  10 – 100
Pet Dander  Pet Dander  0.5 – 100
Pollen  Pollen  5 – 100
Mould  Mould  2 – 20
 Tobaco Smoke  Tobacco Smoke  0.01 – 1
Dust Mites  Dust Mites  0.5 – 50
 Household Dust  Household Dust  0.05 – 100
 Bacteria  Bacteria  0.35 – 10
 Viruses  Viruses  0.002 to 0.3

Particle size perspective

See figure below demonstrating the perspective of some selected particles.

Tobacco smoke - 1 micron   Pet dander - 5 microns   Household dust - 10 microns   Pollen - 30 microns   Human hair - 100 microns

 The different filter types and what they do

Filtration Technology Summary

 Primary concern



Germs, Colds
& Flu

Germs, Colds
& Flu




& Odours

Filter Type


HEPA-Type Photocatalytic Incineration





Particle Size

 0.2-0.5 microns

 2 microns

 What it Removes  HairSneeze

Pet DanderPollen

MouldTobaco Smoke

Dust MitesHousehold Dust



Pet DanderPollen

Dust MitesHousehold Dust










Pet DanderPollen

Tobaco SmokeDust Mites

Household Dust

Tobaco Smoke

Household Dust


Pet DanderPollen

MouldTobaco Smoke

Dust MitesHousehold Dust

It must be noted that this is very much a simplification to help you understand what air purifier may suit your needs best. Many of the air purifiers come with a number of different technologies to improve the quality of their output.


Blueair 203 SmokeStop (HEPA-Type, Electrostatic, Activated Carbon

HEPA-Type Electrostatic Activated Carbon Effective result

Pet DanderPollen

Dust MitesHousehold Dust

Tobaco SmokeHousehold Dust HairSneeze

Pet DanderPollen

MouldTobaco Smoke

Dust MitesHousehold Dust

 human hair x2sneeze x2

pet dander x2pollen x2

Mouldcigarette smoke x2

dust mite x2household dust x3

Filter Replacement Service

Filter/ cartridge/ bulb replacement service

Whether you purchase air purifiers, dehumidifiers or water filters, or any of their replacement parts we offer you peace of mind. We will add your name to our reminder service. In accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines we will send you a gentle reminder that your unit may need replacement parts. Maintaining its efficiency will continue providing you a healthier environment.

We will be able to supply you with your required replacements. We maintain stock levels of filters and cartridges even after a manufacturer may bring the original unit to an end. This means our customers can rest assured of our commitment to servicing their requirements long into the future.

If you do not wish to be included in our service then we can simply unsubscribe you. Similarly, if you have not purchased the units or replacements from us before you may ask to be included in our service for future use.

With best wishes


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Clean Air for Nurseries, Playschool and Kindergarten

One of the most urgent problems caused by air pollution is the lifelong health impacts it may have on young children. While other aspects of a child’s environment may be carefully monitored, but air quality is difficult to control. The Radic8 team are passionate about innovating and distributing the very best technology to create safe and healthy environments for children to learn and grow.


The Importance of Clean Air for Young Children

Leaving a child in kindergarten can be an anxious time for parents, and the staff must do their best to reassure them it is a safe environment where the child will be safe. Unfortunately, there are a host of indoor air problems that can have an impact on the health of children.

For convenience, many nurseries globally are situated adjacent to busy roads carrying thousands of vehicles a day. The pollutants produced include nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, which can build to dangerously high concentrations in local buildings. Prolonged exposure has been linked to permanently reduced lung function in children, as well as inflammation of the airways and asthma.

Children are also surrounded by toxic gases from cooking and lead-based paints, harmful chemicals from furnishings, mould spores, dust and allergens. The spread of airborne virus and bacteria is a big problem in kindergartens and can have a knock-on effect on families. Every time a child gets sick it forces a parent to miss work and puts the whole family at risk of infection. A study in California found that improving indoor air quality and reducing sickness could save families $80 million in unnecessary childcare costs

Health impacts related to poor indoor air quality can all be avoided with Radic8. Pollen, dust and dander responsible for allergic reactions are filtered out of the air, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter from nearby roads are neutralised, viruses and bacteria are destroyed. For as little as $3 per child per month, kindergartens can be transformed into spaces where children are protected from the health damaging air pollution outside

Radic8 Product Brochure

Test Results

Clean Air Fairies

Seasonal Viruses

Radic8’s range of air purifiers and sterilisers contain world-leading technology to efficiently remove air pollution and provide a clean and safe environment. Proven to remove 99.9999% of all types of virus and bacteria, and uniquely able to deal with 99.95% of nitrogen dioxide, the Viruskiller technology is a heavy weight in the air purifier arena.

Installing Radic8 in your childcare facility helps you meet your duty of care requirements, and gives young children and babies the best protection from lifelong impacts of air pollution exposure. You will also benefit from advertising ‘We Share Clean Air’ by attracting new business and improving customer and staff satisfaction.


Your Opportunity?

Radic8 are actively seeking the right sales and distribution partners around the world. If you feel that you would be a good distributor or sales channel for Radic8 in any of our market sectors then we would like to hear from you, please get in touch.


The Best At What We Do

Radic8 partnered with INBair in 2016 because they have the best air purification and sterilisation technology in the industry. Our product line up is the best that money can buy and we try to keep our prices as affordable as possible so all people can enjoy clean air.


Just Ask Us

if you are familiar with the global air purification industry, you will be familiar with the false claims that many companies make about their products. We give you the facts, and that is why our technology is the most widely used in the world’s leading air purification country.



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