Wuhan Coronavirus is airborne, as are most respiratory viruses.
What do hospitals and healthcare facilities actively do to limit the risk of airborne viruses? In many places, not very much or nothing at all.

If you are sat in a waiting room at the doctors with lots of other people, are you afraid of what you are touching or what you are breathing?

…… so would you feel more at ease if you saw a sign saying We Share Clean Air? And you knew that there was technology in play that was trialed and tested, destroying airborne viruses with 99.99999% efficiency?

More can be done to keep people safe.

Radic8 VirusKiller Technology

“We can help with the outbreak of Coronavirus Our VirusKiller clean air technologies have been killing this virus for over 15 years. The core technology is still the same in the Radic8-INBair Group units and you can see from the test result: 100% destruction from a single air exchange. When MERS coronavirus broke out in South Korea, our technology was installed in thousands of medical facilities there, keeping people safe from airborne and droplet infection risks. I am proud to say that over 80% of hospitals in South Korea have our technologies installed. Our range is called VirusKilller for a reason.”
Richard Greenwood
Founder at We Are Probiotic | Radic8 | We Share Clean Air | TEDx Speaker

Radic8 has validated effectiveness test results and certifications.

Hextio - $499

VK401 - $2,499

VK 002 - $3,990

VK 102

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