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Air quality in gyms regularly fails acceptable standards, with high levels of airborne dust, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide. During exercise, we take in more air, drawing air pollution deeper into our lungs. Athletes travelling for competitions are particularly susceptible to catching airborne viruses and bacteria, and getting ill can severely hamper performance. Radic8 makes your indoor workout regime a truly healthy activity.


Radic8 protects you from air pollution and illness while you work out

When we go to the gym, we push our bodies to the limit, hoping to become stronger, healthier and fitter. The truth is that many modern gyms, particularly those in urban areas, may be harmful to our health. Levels of airborne dust have been found to be high in gyms, partly caused by the high human traffic and constant movement of people and equipment.

Formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a problem, off-gassing from equipment, carpets and cleaning products.

Many people like to ‘sweat it out’ when they feel themselves getting sick, and may be unwittingly spreading the virus to others. As our breathing rate increases during exercise, air pollution is delivered faster and deeper into our lungs compared with the situation at rest. We are more likely to breathe through our mouth as we gasp for air, bypassing the natural filtration offered by the nostrils.

For these reasons, gym members would greatly benefit from the effective air purification and sterilisation technology offered by Radic8 technology. Not only reducing dust, chemicals and viruses, the powerful reactor module also neutralises nitrogen dioxide from the traffic outside, providing safe indoor air to fuel workouts. Our most powerful unit, the VK Medi also allows you to control carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, preventing fatigue and dizziness that can be caused by a build-up of the gas.

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Respiratory Infections

Advertising with “We Share Clean Air” is a powerful way to set your gym apart from the competition, helping you to attract and retain members. By providing a gym environment free of sweaty odours, dangerous gases, mould, viruses and dust you provide members with a healthy environment in which to exercise.

Our air purifiers and sterilisers outclass the competition in substance and style. They are sleek and stylish, and with the addition of a magnetic Advertising Wrap, can be transformed into unique advertising space. Our exclusive Black Edition range has been designed to fit seamlessly with modern décor, emitting a gentle hum and warm glow.


Your Opportunity?

Radic8 are actively seeking the right sales and distribution partners around the world. If you feel that you would be a good distributor or sales channel for Radic8 in any of our market sectors then we would like to hear from you, please get in touch.


The Best At What We Do

Radic8 partnered with INBair in 2016 because they have the best air purification and sterilisation technology in the industry. Our product line up is the best that money can buy and we try to keep our prices as affordable as possible so all people can enjoy clean air.


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if you are familiar with the global air purification industry, you will be familiar with the false claims that many companies make about their products. We give you the facts, and that is why our technology is the most widely used in the world’s leading air purification country.



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