Air Purification for Dental, Hygienist and Orthodontic Surgeries

Dentists and dental offices are potentially unhealthy workplaces as noted by the United States Department of Labour. This is because of airborne contaminants from the work that dentists do. Cleaning, drilling, spraying with water, and drying with forced air all tend to send tiny droplets of saliva and blood into the air. These droplets often contain dangerous viruses and bacteria. While larger aerosol droplets containing mould spores will settle out of the air within ten minutes, bacteria can remain in both still and circulating air for more than twelve hours and viruses can stay suspended for as long as forty-one hours according to data from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

At Bio AirTec we offer two different air purification systems that will remove dangerous particles and droplets from the air of your dental office thus protecting your staff and your patients. These are the UVAIR and Airdog air purification and sanitising systems.

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Use an UVAIR or Airdog System to Protect the Air in Your Dental Surgery

Dentists use strict procedures to protect patients and staff from the biological contamination that is part and parcel of the profession. Unfortunately, routine cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces does not remove infectious aerosol droplets from the air. In both still and moving air, dangerous viruses can remain suspended for up to forty-one hours and bacteria for twelve hours.

While the dentist and staff can wear face masks the person undergoing a dental procedure does not. The key to reducing the risk of serious infections arising from the unavoidable production of infectious aerosols in the dental surgery is to purify and sanitize the dental surgery air with an UVAIR or Airdog system.

An additional risk in a dental surgery is the presence of chemical vapours from products used in cleaning and treatment including, at times, mercury vapour released when removing old fillings. Both of our systems efficiently remove such vapours from the air of your dental surgery.


Our UVAIR line of products, the 300F, 216 and 108 all feature high capacity air filtration, activated carbon filters, and a UV light that kills pathogens. Each of these systems is 99.99% efficient in removing Covid-19 and other germs from the air that you breathe. The only difference is in the space that needs to be protected.

  • UVAIR 300F: large spaces, 1,200 cubic metres per hour
  • UVAIR 218: medium spaces, 800 cubic metres per hour
  • UVAIR 108: smaller spaces, 380 cubic metres per hour

More information regarding our UVAIR systems


Our Airdog product line features the Airdog X8, X5, and X3. All three of these systems provide exceptional air purification while they kill and remove viruses, bacteria, and other infectious agents as well as allergens, smoke, and mould. This system was originally designed for home use but works perfectly well for settings like dental surgeries.

  • X3: 20 square metres
  • X5: 37 square metres
  • X8: 93 square metres

More information regarding our Airdog systems

An added benefit of our air purification and sanitizing systems is that they remove odours as well as dangerous particles and vapours. Your dental surgery will smell fresh and healthy as well as being safe for your patients and staff.

Contact our staff at Bio Airtec for an appraisal of your needs and our recommendation regarding which system will be most appropriate for your air purification and sanitizing needs.

Radic8 Cleans and Protects the Air in Dental Surgeries

Dentists have a duty of care to protect their staff and patients from cross-contamination, and must follow strict cleaning and disinfection regimes of equipment and surfaces. Throughout the day however, invisible particles released by dental procedures and cleaning build up into a cloud in the air and can cause harm to health when breathed in.

Suspended particles have the potential to spread infectious diseases and cause respiratory problems, and while dentists can protect themselves by wearing masks, it is impossible to protect the patient from exposure.  Other key concerns for dentists over the long-term are the chemicals used in dental and cleaning procedures. Mercury vapour is released during the fitting and removal of cavity fillings and disinfectants contain chemical compounds that are toxic when inhaled.

Radic8 technology provides effective protection from airborne contamination, filtering out dust and larger particles, and sterilising smaller particles in our world-leading reactor chamber.

As well as removing air pollutants specific to dental surgeries, Radic8 removes pollutants from all other sources, including toxic gases and particulate matter from road traffic, allergens, dust and mould.  With Radic8 technology installed, dental surgeries can advertise ‘We Share Clean Air’, informing patients and staff alike that the air they breathe is clean and safe.

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The Viruskiller range of air sterilisation and purification technology is proven to remove air contaminants and protect your patients and staff. There is a model to suit every size of surgery, and they can be adapted to fit with existing ventilation and clean-room technology.

The additional benefits to providing clean air are numerous, from reducing staff absenteeism and increasing productivity, to attracting new business with our positive advertising. With the air smelling clean and feeling fresh, clients can relax knowing they are in safe hands.


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Radic8 are actively seeking the right sales and distribution partners around the world. If you feel that you would be a good distributor or sales channel for Radic8 in any of our market sectors then we would like to hear from you, please get in touch.


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Radic8 partnered with INBair in 2016 because they have the best air purification and sterilisation technology in the industry. Our product line up is the best that money can buy and we try to keep our prices as affordable as possible so all people can enjoy clean air.


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if you are familiar with the global air purification industry, you will be familiar with the false claims that many companies make about their products. We give you the facts, and that is why our technology is the most widely used in the world’s leading air purification country.



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