UV-C Mini Disinfection Chamber


UV-C disinfection mini chamber UVCC090  

for professional use 

Philips UV-C disinfection mini chamber provides the perfect solution to disinfect the surfaces  of small belongings, shared devices or objects touched by numerous people, such as a  mouse, keyboard, headsets and remote controls. Simply place items into the mini chamber,  set the timer for exposing the items to UV-C light with the recommended disinfection  scheme. The UV-C disinfection mini chamber can be placed into many different areas, due  to it’s light weight. With the design and its portable size the UV-C disinfection mini chamber  is a unique disinfecting solution to offer additional protection to your customers, guests and  employees in multiple areas in hospitality, the office and retail space.


  • Delivers 4-log disinfection rate up to 99.99% to ensure high effectiveness1.
  • Ease of use with touch panel to set time and control the disinfection time:

180 sec/300 sec/600 sec/900sec to disinfect different size objects.

  • Modern design, portable size and light weight, which fits easily to the interior of hotel guest  rooms, reception areas and office working areas.
  • Includes safeguards such as magnetic switch to prevent UVC exposure due to accidental  door opening.


  • Designed to disinfect all surfaces of the individual object with UV-C radiation coverage  thanks to embedded high reflected metal plate.
  • Philips 253.7nm UV-C tube emits no ozone during the operation.

Application for professional use 

The UV-C disinfection mini chamber is ideal for disinfection of multiple small devices, objects  and equipment.

Hospitality Disinfect in guest room: small belongings, keys, remote controls;  reception areas: personal belongings.

Office Disinfect visitors’ badges, personal devices.

Retail Disinfect scanners and badges



Recommended disinfection scheme 

Product images 


Dimension drawing 


Warnings and safety 

DANGER: Like any disinfection system, UV-C lamps and devices must be installed and used  in the correct way. Direct exposure to UV-C can be dangerous and result in a sunburn-like  reaction to the skin and serious damage to the cornea.

Plants and/or materials that are exposed to UV-C and/or ozone for a long time may become  damaged and/or discolored. Products are not intended and shall not be used in applications  or activities which may cause death, personal injury and/or damage to the environment.  Products are not designed and/or intended to be used to disinfect medical devices or for  medical purposes; Signify excludes any and all liability for any such improper use.


The UV-C disinfection mini chamber effectiveness in the inactivation of certain viruses,  bacteria, protozoa, fungi or other harmful micro-organisms is as described above under  the heading “Benefits”. Signify and its group of companies do not promise or warrant that  the use of the UV-C disinfection mini chamber will protect or prevent any user from infection  and/or contamination with any viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, illness or disease.

The UV-C disinfection mini chamber is not approved for, is not intended for and must not  be used to disinfect medical devices and must not be used in medical settings. In addition  to and without limitation of any exclusions or limitations of liability of Signify and its group  of companies as set forth in any agreement for the sale, distribution or otherwise making  available of the UV-C disinfection mini chamber, Signify and its group of companies shall  have no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any claim or damage that may arise from  or relate to any use of the UV-C disinfection mini chamber outside of their intended use or  contrary to their installation and operation instructions, each as described in this document,  the user manuals and/or the mounting instructions.


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