The Radic8 Airwasher is a total indoor air quality solution, capable of removing suspended particle matter like harmful gases and odour as well as reducing CO2 by using fine water particles. Viruses and Bacteria are destroyed when the air passes through the VK reactor chamber and the air washer is also an all in one humidifier and air conditioner (hot & cold).

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When many people gather in a building, such as a busy office, the indoor air quality suffers as everybody is fighting for the same air and releasing particles, gases & bacteria.  Airwasher is the total indoor air quality solution, sterilising, heating, cooling, humidifying and even washing away CO2.
Radic8 air washer has a series of intelligent sensors that give full control of the air quality and also allow automatic control to set levels.  The sensors include hazardous gas, temperature and humidity, fine dust, ozone and CO2.  The outcome is fully regulated indoor air quality in order to provide the optimum healthy and productive indoor environment.

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VK Sterilisation

The Radic8 Airwasher is not to be confused with general air spray technologies on the market that are designed to combat specific pollutants, not create total indoor air quality.  The super performance of the air washer is based on the units ability to detect and react to all of the factors that create indoor air quality.  Stage one is the two water spray nozzles to remove fine dust and harmful gas, stage 2 is the eight super UVC lamps to remove bacteria and viruses, stage 3 are the large water filters and stage four are the final air filters.  Purification, sterilisation, humidity and temperature are all controlled via the multiple sensors which means that once the desired levels are set – air washer will give you the indoor air environment you require.




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