VK 002

VK 002

The VK 002 is the best high end air purifier on the market, combining a series of mechanical filters including a 50mm nano silver HEPA, a powerful scirocco fan and the patented VK Sterilisation reactor cell.

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Take the top of the range air purifiers on the market which are in the same price bracket as the VK 002 and compare the test results, you will see that there is no comparison.  Covering 100 square meters makes the VK 002 a perfect choice for many commercial and high end domestic settings.  There are thousands of reference sites and recommendations for this model which span across many sectors and the appearance really catches peoples attention whilst displaying ultimate technology style.
At Radic8 we believe that high end air purification should cover all aspects of indoor air pollution and we can not stress enough that it is not possible with mechanical filtration alone.  Installing a VK 002 will give you ultra fine particle filtration and also neutralise air pollutants such as NO2 from traffic fumes, formaldehyde from furnishings, VOC’s and toxic gas, bacteria and viruses, mould and fungi.  Competitively priced for both purchase cost and consumables, unparalleled results in its class and super stylish in appearance …… we really love the Radic8 VK 002!

VK 002
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VK Sterilisation

Activated CarbonWith UVC & PCO

We are constantly discovering the actual scale of the the health risks associated with air pollution and we know that globally it is our single biggest environmental health threat, linked to all top 5 leading causes of death.  The team at Radic8 are proud to be partnered with INBair and together we are a stronger force at creating the best solutions for indoor air pollution, constantly striving to offer the best life saving technology available.  The 50mm Hepa and the 25mm medium filters in the VK 002 now have the option of being nano silver coated in order to give them sterilisation properties at the front end and we have also recently upgraded the scirocco fan to ensure maximum air flow.  We want to create a very active sales and distribution network for the VK 002 model as we see the potential benefits it can bring to many geographical locations. We will soon be including a sensor network to this model for more Indoor Air Quality monitoring and control.



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