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VK Medi

The VK Medi range of air purifiers plus sterilisers are the best in the world. Utilising the world’s thickest HEPA filter for ultra fine dust removal, the most powerful turbo fan found in any air purification device for optimum air flow and the unparalleled patented VK reactor chamber for ultimate sterilisation.

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VK Medi
VK Medi HEPA Filter
VK Medi xl
VK Medi

Radic8 Product

VK Sterilisation

Activated Carbon
With UVC & PCO

The Radic8 VK Medi is the choice for those who want to have the very best air purification plus sterilisation solution.  Other ‘professional’ air purifiers on the market generally offer a series of filters that need changing regularly and offer no effective sterilisation module, this is why the VK Medi outperforms every current option available whilst being surprisingly cost effective.  The super thick Hepa filter has a long lifetime so it becomes more cost effective than multiple smaller filters that all need changing regularly.  It is worth keeping in mind that the patented VK reactor cell comes after the super thick Hepa and other mechanical filters in the VK Medi, so where other technologies end, ours is just beginning.

VK Medi



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